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Our job is to find you the absolute best mortgage product at the lowest rate available. We are not affiliated with any bank and are not tied down to any other financial institution. We are independent Canadian mortgage brokers. Simply put, this allows us complete freedom to aggressively look after your best interests. After our initial consultation, we take the goals you wish to achieve and turn them into a solid, step by step plan. The confidence you’ll have working with an independent mortgage broker will make the mortgage process exciting and will take the fear out of what will likely be the biggest financial decision of your life.

First Time Home Buyer Canada

Lenders need us to create contact with you, but we don’t let them off easy. Your dream of home ownership is the ultimate goal when dealing with us. We are on your side and create competition among lenders, which leads to the lowest fixed and variable mortgage rates in Canada! They fight to give you the best deal and, because of our professionalism and experience, are happiest to do it through a mortgage broker. The lenders pay us a commission, which means you don’t pay us a dime for our services. Call or send us an email to find out about the advantages to working with us, as part of the fastest growing group of independent mortgage brokers in British Columbia!